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Fee-Only Fiduciary

With your interests top of mind, I specialize in holistic, progressive and unbiased financial planning, investment advisory services and comprehensive wealth management services to individuals and families.

Stock Plan Advisory Group is fee-only, independent firm specializing in retirement planning and executive compensation for Fortune 500 corporate employees and their families. We believe every American should have a long term relationship with a Certified Financial Planner™ & Registered Investment Adviser to help guide them through life.

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Fiduciary advice. Period.

We were founded on the principle that clients are best served by working with an independent firm that serves in the trusted position of “fiduciary”; meaning our obligation is to work exclusively in your best interests. We commit ourselves in writing to the highest standard under the law in ALL matters, 100% of the time. To that end, we serve in an acknowledged fiduciary capacity to all clients, both individual and institutional.

Financial Planning

Comprehensive financial planning includes the following areas: investments, retirement, income tax, insurance and estate planning.

Income Tax Planning

Tax planning helps you make smart decisions and avoid tax surprises at the end of the calendar year.

Discretionary portfolio management

I offer evidence based investment advisory services based on decades of academic research.

Estate and legacy planning

My professional network of CPAs and estate planning attorneys are available for complex tax and legal issues.

Comprehensive performance reporting

Transparency and online access to all investment accounts 24/7/365

Family CFO

We serve you and your family in all financial decisions.

We Are Fee Only

Stock Plan Advisory Group was formed to provide objective, independent advice to both institutional and private wealth clients. We NEVER make commissions or take compensation from third parties. We maintain no affiliation to any other firm or product provider and has never received any form of indirect compensation since the firm’s inception. Our clients pay us directly for financial planning and professional investment management.

We are Independent

An independent firm means no one owns us and we are not under contract to any party to sell products. Legally, we only work directly for our clients and no one else. We represent you, and you alone.

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