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What is relationship-based financial planning?

Preserving, building and enjoying wealth requires a plan — but not just any plan. Your goals and priorities aren’t like anyone else’s. That’s why, at Stock Plan Advisory Group, we practice relationship-based financial planning. Clients, not products, come first. The road from ‘present wealth’ to ‘possibility’ begins and ends with your needs and goals. We customize your financial plan to create a unique, comprehensive roadmap to financial security and freedom, however you define it. Unlike larger firms that offer pre-built portfolios or push proprietary products that earn them additional fees, we collaborate with our clients to develop long-term relationships and strategic solutions for wealth management.

Your Stock Plan Advisory Group can help inform and help navigate all the crossroads you’ll face in your life, whether you want to:

  • Partner with an advisory firm who can act as your Personal CFO;
  • Manage and coordinate your investments to align with a long-term plan;
  • Minimize your tax burden;
  • Find balance between enjoying wealth now and having it serve you in the future;
  • Create smart solutions for passing along your wealth and creating a legacy;
  • See the big picture so you can anticipate milestones and plan deliberately to meet them.

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