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What is Private Wealth Management?

Private Wealth Management is the combination of comprehensive financial planning and investment management. We offer fee-only, full-service Financial Planning and Private Wealth Management services. My practice focuses on Retirement Savings, Investment Management, Retirement Income, Income Tax Planning, Insurance planning and Estate Planning. We give our clients an exceptional level of service with a fiduciary advisor. Our mission is to help clients protect, save, grow and maintain their wealth while having a trusted, one on one relationship.

Our Holistic Approach to Financial Planning

Our approach to holistic financial planning adds significant value through these 5 steps:

  1. First, we identify your retirement and other financial goals. We start by creating a financial plan based on your specific situation, needs and goals. This becomes the roadmap for how we will support you today and in the future. We will create a retirement plan that will allow you to see your specific retirement situation. The plan will model estimated returns, inflation, income sources such as pension and social security estimates. It also estimates income needs throughout retirement and will illustrate the likelihood of progress in funding your goals. We will update and review your financial plan every year.
  2. We build the wealth accumulation and risk management strategies, structuring customized portfolios appropriate for your goals while aiming for expected returns for a given level of anticipated risk.
  3. Next, we identify the items we can help control, such as lowering investment expenses, minimizing taxes and risk through diversification. We are realistic in what we can and can’t control. We can’t predict the future, but we can help position you with your goals in mind.
  4. Finally, we manage your investments through the uncertainties of the market, keeping your goals always in mind. From now on, maintaining your optimal financial health and growing prosperity becomes our priority, so you can navigate life’s challenges and emergencies with confidence. Your assets are kept with a large, independent custodian for safekeeping and are managed from a low cost and tax efficient perspective.
  5. Our network of CPAs and estate attorneys can help you maximize efficiencies from a legacy planning perspective.

Our Private Wealth Management Services Include:

Comprehensive financial planning:

  • Your financial plan is reviewed & updated annually
  • Specific financial goal targets and annual tracking inside your financial plan
  • Retirement savings and retirement goals
  • Retirement income planning
  • Investment recommendations and advice (See below)
  • Social Security analysis and recommendations
  • Insurance review & analysis (Life, Disability, Home/Auto/P&C)
  • Income tax planning
  • Estate planning guidance
  • Monthly email newsletter on important financial planning subjects

Professional Investment Management

  • Investment portfolio review including asset allocation & account type
  • Tax efficient investments
  • Review of investment costs and fees
  • Monitor all investment accounts & disciplined rebalancing
  • Review of your current employer retirement plan, old 401k plans and IRAs
  • Annual market updates via email

Equity Compensation services for employees of Fortune 500 companies

  • Stock options (ISO & NQSO) 
  • Stock Appreciation Rights (SARs)
  • Restricted Stock plans
  • Restricted Stock Units (RSU)
  • Employee Stock Purchase plans
  • Non-qualified Deferred compensation
  • Cost Basis accounting for investments
  • Annual review of your Income Tax return and tax planning (if necessary)
  • Referrals to estate planning attorneys and CPA firms for complex income tax planning
  • Help making digital copies of all records and safe, secure cloud services for all documents 

By request only (Minimum annual client fee of $4,000)

For further details, please schedule a call.

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